2023 Digital Government Roadshow

An opportunity for Granicus clients and digital government professionals to share learnings, upskill, and network.

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Digital Experiences for Government

The power of Bang the Table, OpenCities, and Granicus coming together brings a deeper connection between organisations and the people they serve with more meaningful digital experiences, better community engagement, and a multi-channel approach.


More than 5,500 global government agencies have chosen Granicus to modernise their online services.


Every day, roughly 110,000 people sign up to receive information from government through Granicus.


Many organisations in Australia have chosen Granicus. This Includes government, healthcare, planners, utility providers and more.


Bringing Together the Leaders in Australian Govtech

Together we can transform the way organisations and residents engage through technology, data, and a shared vision.

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Inform, Engage, and Serve Your Community

Together we are...

Igniting deeply informed, transparent, and responsive governments.

Building better-engaged communities, and dynamic experiences.

Delivering more meaningful outcomes for governments and the people they serve.


Transform the digital experience by launching a modern website that easily evolves to meet the changing needs of your community. 



Facilitate, centralise, and analyse two-way conversations between you and your community.



Build online forms and digitise workflows to transform services for you and your residents.


Trusted by 5,500 Government Organisations

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On-Demand Webinar 06/29/2023

Getting the Yes: Achieving Internal Buy-in for Community Engagement

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Taking a Positive Approach: Using Appreciative Inquiry in Community Engagement

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The Rise of the Engagement Ecosystem

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