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OpenCities Intranets

Empowering government to better serve their staff and communities with a modern employee intranet.

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Improve Efficiency

Government employees are being asked to accomplish more work with fewer resources than ever before. They need intranet development software that improves staff efficiency by offering streamlined internal communications, easy access to vital information, and secure content delivery to specific employee groups.

Apply Proven Best Practices

Bring people, processes, and information together to provide your team with everything they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Launch a useful and modern intranet that provides the content, communications, and online services government employees need to do their jobs well.

Personalise the intranet experience by authenticating users and showing applicable content based on user credentials.

Simplify staff workflows and processes by integrating your employee intranet with many existing internal systems.

Empower organisation-wide content creation and publishing with a low-code/no-code intranet management software and simple templates.

Our Solutions in Action

Hear how OpenCities Intranets are creating successful outcomes for customers.

“Accessibility eliminates usage barriers, so staff can have what they need whether it is after business hours, using mobile devices, or having single sign-on. There are all sorts of efficiencies to be gained with an intranet that is embraced and used by staff, even for smaller councils.”

Rory Neeson, Manager of Growth and Engagement  Corangamite Shire Council
Rory Neeson, Manager of Growth and Engagement Corangamite Shire Council

“Just as we’ve learned that our residents depend on the website for service, our employees depend on the intranet for service. We saw this as not just a modernisation of technology, but as a bridge toward supporting a more agile, mobile, and digitally connected workforce.”

Doug Matthews, Chief Communications Director  Austin, TX
Doug Matthews, Chief Communications Director Austin, TX

“We knew we wanted to provide a better user experience for our residents, but in order to do that we needed a platform that was also a better user experience for our staff. The second we started creating content with OpenCities we knew it was so much more intuitive.”

TJ Barttelbort  Purchasing Manager  Cheyenne, WY
TJ Barttelbort Purchasing Manager Cheyenne, WY

Better Intranets Start with OpenCities

Our tools incorporate proven digital content best practices for government, providing your team with everything they need to do their jobs better.


30+ purpose-built modules are included with our intranet management software, resulting in a simple, efficient, and positive user experience.


Insights show real-time user interactions, giving internal teams the data they need to improve employee intranet content and features.


Helping Government Staff Serve Better

Guided by robust data and analytics, OpenCities intranet software provides powerful tools that let your staff serve more efficiently than ever.

Launch a Functional and Easy-to-Use Employee Intranet

Improve efficiency and streamline processes by quickly and easily connecting staff with the organisational information they need.

Create Peer-to-Peer Communities of Excellence

Provide a secure platform where staff can collaborate, create, and share new digital ideas.

Provide Secure Intranet Access

Offer employees a personalised view of intranet content based on their role within the organisation, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Deliver a Mobile-Friendly and Accessible Intranet

Launch a continually evolving intranet that is fast to deploy, easy to scale, and provides a modern user experience.

Focus on Applying Proven Best Practices

Provide the tools your staff needs to easily implement digital government best practices.

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