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OpenForms Use Case: Booking Forms

Public venues such as parks, historic sites and city buildings make for popular event locations—and a prime source of city revenue. Private individuals and businesses have a variety of venue and facility options, so if your booking process is a hassle, they can easily take their party elsewhere.

Conditional logic makes bookings easy

Venues and event packages tend to have many options. OpenForms’ conditional logic allows you to dynamically assemble pricing as the customer fills out the form, based on responses to questions about date, electrical or AV needs, staffing, etc. Integrated calendar functionality helps people select an available date/time with confidence. Employ payment fields to create a complete experience that includes online payment processing upfront.

parklands online booking form - OpenForms use case

Success with online booking forms

The Adelaide Park Lands are made up of a total of 29 parks and squares across Adelaide city and North Adelaide. As a go-to destination for weddings and events, City of Adelaide wanted to create an automated way for customers to explore booking options and costs based on their needs.

Using OpenForms, CoA created a self-serve process that automatically calculated costs based on event location, booking duration, seasonal adjustments, and extra services such as equipment hire. The form also notified customers of booking restrictions and additional permits required based on the location and type of event being organised. By streamlining the booking process, CoA enabled customers to self-qualify before submitting their booking, and reduced processing effort for CoA staff.

“Waste Collection bookings are one of City of Swan’s most popular customer requests. Collaborating with the Waste Management team, CoS integrated OpenForms with IntraMaps GIS. This allowed customers to lookup their property and check how many remaining collection requests are available, before proceeding to finalise and schedule a collection via OpenForms. Within 6 months of launch, the new booking form processed over 28,000 requests.”

Meredith Gratton, City of Swan

“Before we digitised our booking requests, the process for our venues team was to take a phone call and collect customer details, venue requirements and booking dates, then manually check and call the customer back to finalise bookings – a time consuming process that easily took up to 20 minutes per customer. Since digitising the process with OpenForms, we’ve had almost 2,000 online requests processed last financial year, which translates to over 1,000 hours saved by the team throughout the year.”

Donna Liddicoat, Melton City Council

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